Sentient Products

We make our own awesome products too.

And we are always working to add to our product portfolio.

Some of our clients have approached us to develop a custom product for them, only to discover that we had one already.

We can save you money and time by providing a ready-built product to you instead of developing one from scratch.

Or maybe we have a product that is almost what you need.

We can customize or modify our products to fit your use, without the up-front expense of extensive R&D.

We are all about win-win solutions.

Even if you just have an idea for a product, or a problem to solve, but can’t spend the capital to pursue the solution on your own, let us know. You may not be the only one or maybe it was already on our list.


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E: (for current project support)

P:  (587) 882-4450

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