We are organized and detailed, clear on what we are delivering, and transparent on contract terms. This ensures nothing is missed.

Doing it Right

Our process for completing project work for clients is detailed out to make sure we are very clear and transparent on the deliverables and terms, and to make sure nothing is missed. Though this process is quite detailed, it progresses along quickly for straightforward projects and will not be onerous. We commit to the up-front work to assure successful project completion.

The Process

The Brief

We have an introductory meeting to discuss, in general, the project and desired outcomes. We have a meaningful discussion on how Sentient can assist you.

Legal Protections

If, during the Brief, we determine that confidential information needs to be exchanged to understand the scope, we will sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure that any confidential information exchanged is protected.

Scope the Project

We assess all technical aspects and compose a draft Statement of Work (SOW) that outlines the technical requirements, obligations and timeline for delivery to be reviewed and discussed.

Agree on Terms

We request further information from you (if needed) and provide a draft Contract that outlines the legal requirements and obligations for delivery to be reviewed and discussed, based on the discussions from the SOW.

Estimate the Cost

Once the SOW and Contract Terms are agreed upon in principal, Sentient will estimate the price for the work and provide a revised SOW including this information for your review.

Review & Refine

After your review the completed SOW and draft contract, we can discuss any changes to the scope of the project, given the price, and refine to meet your needs (add/remove work or deliverables to meet your budget and feature expectations).

Kick-Off the Project

If all is agreed upon, we will execute the SOW and contract. Sentient will start working right away, or as agreed upon in the SOW.

Communicate the Progress

During the project, we will ensure regular communication and updates, including change management. Any changes after the contract is executed will be handled via a Change Order (just a written request via email from you, where we respond with a document that outlines the change and any associated schedule or cost ramifications) that would require your approval to proceed with.

The Final Review

Prior to delivering any physical prototypes, we would have a detailed review and send you a Client Approval document to sign before we manufacture any parts. This ensures that what we are building has been agreed upon.

Deliver and Celebrate

Sentient delivers you everything we agreed upon and you are now another happy customer.